About Us

About Us

Initially named the Regional Youth Homelessness Network (RYHN), Youth Homeless North East (YHNE) was originally established in 2007 by a group of VCS organisations operating in the north east (Centrepoint, Homeless Link, DePaul and Barnardo’s) to provide a regional focus to address youth homelessness through policy and strategy but crucially putting young people at the centre.

Our vision is: ‘No young person should be homeless’

We aim to: Prevent, tackle and resolve homelessness experienced by young people aged 16 – 25 years old in the North East through;

  • Provide a voice for young people to influence service provision
  • Influence policy and strategy through collaborative activity
  • Promote innovation and best practice in preventing and tackling homelessness
  • Bring about change to end youth homelessness

Activity within the region is conducted in collaboration with key stakeholders and networks including:

  • North East Homelessness Think Tank
  • North East Regional Homelessness Group
  • National Housing Federations Regional Homelessness Interest Group
  • Local Homeless Forums

The engagement of young people is supported through our Regional Champions including:

  • Barnardo’s in Northumberland
  • Community Campus ‘87 in Tees Valley
  • Youth Educators (Centrepoint) in County Durham
  • Youth Independence Forum Young People’s Service (Your Homes Newcastle) in Tyne & Wear.

We currently have a membership of over 280 individuals and organisations, including the voluntary and community sector, housing associations and local authorities from across the region.

Creating opportunities for all

Youth Homeless North East seeks to challenge the discrimination within society that contributes to youth homelessness.  Working to Centrepoint’s Equality and Diversity Policy we aim to actively protect the young people we work with, paid staff and volunteers from sexual, racist, sexist, homophobic and any other type of abuse or harassment.

We want every young person to have the opportunity to fulfil their potential. This does not only mean that services should not discriminate against young people on grounds such as their gender, race, religion, sexuality or disability. It also means that services for young people should vary to meet their different needs and aspirations and should be pro-active in advancing equality, preventing discrimination and promoting good relations between different groups. They should also work to help young people overcome barriers such as poverty, low aspirations, low prior educational attainment or lack of parental support.

(What are the equality and diversity issues that services for young people need to address?, Discussion Paper, July 2011, Department for Education.)

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