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Youth homelessness is reported as being relatively steady in most authorities across the country.  The YHNE Survey of Youth Homelessness findings in our region suggest a decrease in young people who present as homeless or in need of advice and support, with 449 young people presenting in February 2017, a decrease from 622 in the previous year.

Of the young people who become homeless, care-leavers and young offenders are a significant group.  The successful implementation of Joint Protocols for 16/17 year olds has resulted in reduced numbers of this age group becoming homeless and most authorities have managed to safeguard preventative work including mediation services despite cuts and reduced resources.

Relationship breakdown remains the biggest cause of youth homelessness, that is, parents, carers or other relatives either no longer able or willing to keep young people in the home.  What has changed are the underlying issues, with financial pressure now featuring as a key factor in relationship breakdown where young people are asked to leave, with anecdotal evidence that this may be linked to welfare reform. Poor mental health among young people has also become ever more prevalent each year.

Young people who have been affected by homelessness are very clear about the type of responses that should be in place:


Starting in school through education on homelessness and services available


Supporting young people to remain or return home where possible.


Ensuring young people have the skills needed to live independently and manage a tenancy


Secure housing, where they have rights and a permanent home, in an area they know and feel safe and welcomed in, close to family, carers and friends


Consistent and flexible support over time, this is particularly important for young people leaving-care

Informed Professionals

Staff they come into contact with to have a good knowledge of homelessness and the issues young people face

Young people want to be Listened to

Affordable housing is essential, and Housing Benefit is crucial to ensure the most vulnerable young people can secure housing.  Young people also want to work and employment is fundamental to achieving long-term successful futures


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