Youth Homelessness in the North East 2019

The Youth Homelessness in the North East Survey 2019 is now available to download.  This is the 8th annual report and whilst homelessness remains difficult to accurately measure the 2019 report does suggest an increase in youth homelessness during the past 12 months.  It is worth noting that the report includes data from only 9 of the 12 local authorities in the region and certainly

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YHNE Young People of the North

YHNE Young People of the North Youth Homeless North East pride ourselves on championing young people and placing their voices and needs at the heart of everything we do. In celebration of reaching our 8th year, we want to showcase some of the young people who have worked with us at our events and Youth Hubs. Each young person involved in the campaign has worked

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YHNE and IPPR North release Questionnaire aimed at Young People in the North East

YHNE and IPPR North release Questionaire aimed at Young People in the North East Creating awareness and aiming to change government policy on matters which can in turn help prevent homelessness for young people within the region, can be a long drawn out process. Without the crucial data thinktanks and research bodies like IPPR North collect, changing the current situation just isn’t possible. IPPR North

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Homelessness Hackathon 2019

Homelessness Hackathon 2019 On Tuesday 25 June, FutureGov, Housing 2019 and Inside Housing, held a hackathon to find innovative ways to end homelessness at the Chartered Institute of Housing’s annual event. The Housing 2019 event is the largest in Europe. The event presented a unique opportunity to bring together housing experts and organisations from all over the UK to address problems within the housing sector.

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Changing Lives Liberty Project

Changing Lives – Liberty Project Modern day slavery is a complex crime and may involve multiple forms of exploitation. Some victims may not even be aware that they are being trafficked or exploited, and may have consented to elements of their exploitation, or accepted their situation. Changing Lives supports victims of modern-day slavery, providing a therapeutic and holistic approach which is tailored to each person.

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Prison release protocol guidance to reduce the risk of homelessness

Prison release protocol guidance to reduce the risk of homelessness The Ministry Housing, Communities and Local Government (MCHLG) have published a report offering guidance on how local authorities and criminal justice stakeholders can start to develop prison release protocols. The guidance complements published ‘duty to refer’ guidance for the Homelessness Reduction Act and provides practical suggestions on developing and implementing prison release protocols. To read

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Newcastle’s Homelessness Prevention Trailblazer

Newcastle’s Homelessness Prevention Trailblazer Newcastle has a relatively good record on preventing homelessness. The strategy adopted has been based on long-term committed political leadership, council housing, investment in accommodation, advice and support services, and an infrastructure to facilitate consensus and partnership working. the Active Inclusion Newcastle partnership approach was established in 2013 as part of improving Newcastle Council’s responses to the government’s welfare reforms. The Homelessness

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Social Metrics Commission – Measuring Poverty 2019 Report

Social Metrics Commission – Measuring Poverty 2019 Report A new report published published by the Social Metrics Commission (SMC) highlights the scale of the challenge facing new Primeminister when it comes to tackling poverty across the UK. The report reveals that 4.5 million people are more than 50% below the poverty line, and 7 million people are living in persistent poverty. The SMC’s 2019 report

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Youth Homelessness Scoping Report published

Youth Homelessness Scoping Report published Earlier this month Homeless Link published the Youth Homelessness Scoping Report. Informed by conversations with professionals and organisations working with young people, the report explores why young people become homeless and the impact this experience has on them. To read the report, please click here.  

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Charities given boost to measure outcomes

Charities given boost to measure outcomes Small and medium-sized charities, community groups and voluntary organisations will now be able to access free support when it comes to monitoring and measuring their impact. The National Lottery Community Fund has today launched a new index tool of existing outcome frameworks and indicators as an open resource for the sector. Compiled by Social Value UK, the tool puts the most

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