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Public Health England: Better care for people with co-occurring mental health and alcohol/drug use conditions

This Public Health England (PHE) guide, developed with the support of NHS England, should be used by the commissioners and providers of mental health and alcohol and drug treatment services, to inform the commissioning and provision of effective care for people with co-occurring mental health and alcohol/drug use conditions. It also has relevance for all other services that have contact with people with co-occurring conditions,

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Local Government Association: Housing our homeless households

Housing our Homeless Households explores the increasing demand for temporary accommodation, and the innovations that a number of councils are pursuing to respond to this increasing demand, with recommendations and tools for other councils to replicate activity in their areas. The project also explores reforms that the Government can make to better help councils to support homeless households. Read the full report here

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Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS): Living Standards, Poverty and Inequality 2017

This report examines changes in the distribution of household incomes in the UK, and the determinants and consequences of recent trends. This includes analysing not only changes in average living standards, but also inequality in household incomes and measures of income poverty and deprivation. Read the full report here

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Spice: New Psychoactive Substances briefing for professionals

Spice is a nickname for a herbal mixture containing one or more of a group of drugs called synthetic cannabinoids. Spice was originally a brand name of a drug, sold as a ‘legal high’ along with other brand names like Black Mamba, Annihilation, Exodus Damnation and Happy Joker. They contained a non-psychoactive herbal smoking mixture that had been mixed with one or more of a

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All-Party Parliamentary Group for Ending Homelessness: Report 1

In 2016 the All Party Parliamentary Group for Ending Homelessness (APPGEH) was formed with Crisis acting as Secretariat. The group, Co-chaired by Neil Coyle MP and Will Quince MP, used this Parliamentary year to conduct research into the homelessness prevention for three specific cohorts – care leavers, prison leavers and survivors of domestic violence. The APPGEH found these cohorts are not getting the housing support

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Centrepoint: From Care to Where?

Young people leaving care are some of the most vulnerable in society. A combination of being under-prepared to live independently, confused about their rights and obligations, lonely and isolated is setting back young care leavers’ chances in life. In some cases they’re even facing homelessness as a result. This new report from Centrepoint shows that without support from parents, many of them are struggling to adapt

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Crisis: Housing First Feasibility Study for the Liverpool City Region

The study aimed to test the feasibility of implementing Housing First at scale within the Liverpool City Region (LCR). It was commissioned by Crisis, with funding from the (UK Government) Department for Communities and Local Government and the Housing First Europe Hub. It was conducted by a consortium led by Imogen Blood & Associates and including Housing & Support Partnership, HGO Consultancy, and the Centre for Housing

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Clinks: The State of the Sector 2017

During a year of political instability, voluntary organisations continue to support the most vulnerable people despite a shifting funding landscape and increasing and changing service user needs. In Clinks latest state of the sector research, organisations reported an increase in the number of people they are supporting, with more complex and immediate needs, resulting in organisations developing more flexible and creative working and recruiting more

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IPPR: Right To Home? Rethinking homelessness in rural communities

Homelessness across England is on the rise. Rates are high in urban areas and yet many households in rural areas are threatened with or experience homelessness. In 2015/16, 6,270 households were accepted as homeless in England’s 91 mainly and largely rural local authorities (LAs). In 16 of these predominantly rural LAs, at least two in every 1,000 households was accepted as homeless. In 2015/16, mainly

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Supporting LGBTQ+ people in homelessness services: An introduction for frontline staff

Homeless Link have published a briefing which offers an introduction and resource list for staff who want to develop good practice in service delivery for people who identify as LGBTQ+. Service providers are not always aware of the sexuality or gender identity of the people they support, and might not understand their needs. As a result, LGBTQ+ individuals can struggle to get the right support, delaying

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