Young people unveil new safe space design to combat isolation

Young people and architects building a safe space

Building a safe space is a great idea to help young people who feel lonely. But, how does a safe space look like?

After a short break, young people and architects from SBA AKA met again in our weekly youth hub in Newcastle. For two hours they worked together to create the design and structure of this safe space.

About the Space’ is a pioneering idea conducted by YHNE in the North East to tackle and help young people with their youth loneliness. In addition, these sessions are also a great opportunity for them to get to know new young people and help them with their mental health issues.

A roof made of umbrellas and portable walls

How do you design a safe space? What about the building materials?

For this youth hub, architects brought very interesting and rare designs for young people to work on this safe space. The difficulty of some of the designs challenged many young people in the room. However, the session was also a real chance for them to bring new and very creative suggestions.

The designs and ideas of young people during these hubs will be used by SBA AKA to create the final structure of this safe space. The professionals pointed out the importance of this session to build this portable structure for those who feel lonely.

They said ‘the session today has been one of the most important for this project. We encourage more young people to take part and help us. Young people don’t need to worry making mistakes […] Most of the times their mistakes are also the best ideas. Their idea of the portable walls and the roof with umbrellas is simply fantastic’.

The best youth hub

For many young people this youth hub was completely different to the rest. They highlighted the great opportunity to use these materials and build their own safe space.

‘I really enjoyed the session today. Together we have created a small version of what this safe space looks like. I am really looking forward to seeing how the real one is going to be’, young person.

‘As YHNE’s youth champion and decorator, I think that this idea is great to help young people with their loneliness. Many of them come to the sessions to enjoy and forget what happens outside’, Zinnia, young person.

‘Building a safe space is amazing. It doesn’t matter what is or how looks like. It is something only for you where you always feel safe and comfortable’, Rhyss, young person.

Recording the safe space journey

As part of this project, young people are recording the sessions to show others this safe space. The also speak about their experiences in the youth hubs and how these sessions are helping them with their own loneliness.

This video will be released in our celebration event hosted at the Eagles Stadium in Newcastle on the 27th of March. Please save the date and don’t miss the opportunity to join us for an amazing day! More information to follow soon on the website and social media channels.

Next youth hub

Our next youth hub will be on the 27th of February in Middlesborugh. We encourage all partners and young people in the area to come and continue this project.

How can I take part?

Young people between 14-25 years old can get in touch with us at or on our social media channels.

If your organisation works with this age group and with young people at risk of homelessness, get in touch at or 0191 255 1911.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

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