Half of young homeless people are denied government’s support

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Only 48% of young homeless people between 16 and 24 years have received assistance from their council in 2018, according to Centre Point. This is six per cent points higher than the 42% registered between 2016/17. The number of young people coming to their councils for help represents one percent of the national youth population.

The last report of Centre Point about youth homelessness estimates that over 100,000 young people asked their council for help in the UK in 2017/18. This data shows a growth of two per cent points compared to 2016/17. The majority of these help-seekers (84%) live in England.

More young homeless people in rural areas

The data from Centre Point shows that there has been a decrease of three per cent points of young homeless people in the cities. Nevertheless, this trend hasn’t continued in rural areas. Youth Homelessness has increased by 50% in rural areas, according to the councils included in this report.

Demographic data reveals that the North West of England has the highest number of young homeless people or at risk of homelessness (12,300). It’s closely followed by London (12,200); Yorkshire and the Humber (11,000), and South East (11,000). The North East is the region with the second lowest rate (5,200) after Northern Ireland (4,400).

Little funding for councils

According to Centre Point, 12,410 young people were identified as homeless in 2017/18. During these years over 56% of councils didn’t receive enough funding to help those people. The scenario seems to remain unchanged during 2019/20 where the funding for regional councils won’t exceed the previous one of £25 million. The charity urges to increase the annual funding by £10 million for the councils that haven’t received extra funding to support young homeless people.

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