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We received a total of 23 completed evaluations

17 from the 45 professionals who took part.

6 from 17 young people who took part.


Young peoples evaluations

Do you think your views were listened to today?
All answered Yes with one person adding “Yes- hopefully it goes forward to push for change”. One person did note that “Yes to a certain extent when I was actually awake”.


Did you get a chance to share your opinions?

All answered yes, and one young person noted “Yes- hopefully it will help my development.”  An other young person stated that “Yeah we were took into another room and was able to have a discussion between young people.”


Is what you have learnt today useful to you?

All were very positive about the sessions being useful. One person wrote that it was useful standing up and presenting in front of people.

Another young person wrote that they learnt about pricing of properties and about Homeshare. The young person wrote “Flats in South Tyneside cost £71,000 and Homeshare”


What would you change or add, to improve the event?

This question presented a range of responses.

Young people wrote:

“More overall group discussions, rather than splitting up into smaller groups for everything.”

“More breaks to stretch your legs”

“Better selection of sandwiches/variety of food”

“P.A. Sound equipment”


Is there anything else you would like to add?

There was also a range of responses in this section from the young people.

Young people wrote:

“The need for space for young people to make choices and mistakes- WITHOUT SANCTIONS”

“Nothing this was good enough”

“Simpler sandwiches would have been preferred, more variety of food to cater for everyone.”


Professionals evaluations

What did you find useful out of todays event?

“knowledge of other services, young people having their say- presentations and film, Welfare Reform.”

“Links to NHAS/NCS/Homegroup”

“Info from the RYWU on employers 6 priorities”

“Having perspective of young people and providers/commissioners. Help inform review of current services.”

“Learning from young people- those present today, in the film and in the research. The world Café exercises”

“Finding out about support services and gaining internet links. Developing my own ideas of issues facing young people and how to address them”

“ Really enjoyed and found very informative, the talk on welfare reform, but also  the research into youth unemployment.”

“I found the presentation from shelter regarding welfare reform updates very useful”

“interesting range of views from talking to young people”

“Good to network and learn about  agency practice. Hearing the messages directly from the young people- great to see so many hear.”

“The range of workshops”

“information presented about apprenticeship opportunities”

“Very interesting listening to young peoples real life experiences and their views of the services they have been supported by.”

“Nothing Specific”


What have you learnt from todays event?

“Further information re-welfare reform. Resources available to support workers. Reinforces early intervention”

“A need to focus on employment/education/training more than ever due to welfare reform. No timescale for other needs to be addressed which is challenging but necessary.”

“The importance of claimant commitment with JCP.  How we all should link into the End Youth Homelessness Programme”

“Need to plan to worth with young people at an early age, i.e. in schools.”

“Seek continuous feedback from service users in order to find out what does and doesn’t work, to enable us to make changes and improve”

“Welfare Reform, Links to outcomes for young people”

“Gained lots more information about North East Practice”

“Organisations who are working in the NE”

“NHAS, I wasn’t aware of it”

“That there are lots of organisations who are working with young people and the homeless”

“Where young people can obtain help and advice”

“The gaps around the region. Examples of good practice (home & jobs) and also bad examples of service, effects of welfare reform.

How will you use what you have learnt and the feedback from young people to inform your area of work?

“I will put a list of bond schemed on RHG website (and try to keep it up to date)”

“I will take the key points raised back to our homeless team to consider. I will develop an information sheet for customers I deal with who face potential homelessness, so that they know their options and where they can go for help.”

“To get involved with organisations supporting the young people and also inform the rest of the team during the team meeting of organisations”

“Still a long way to go- Keep it on the agenda”

“I will ensure that we look at putting some of the content onto our young people site.” –NHAS

“Support the work of YHNE within my role. Check local authorities 16/17 year old protocols.”

“Share learning with colleagues.”

“Inform more young people about the welfare reform”

“Apprenticeships – Speak to the organisations taking on more opportunities and looking at the job prospects at the end of the apprenticeship rather than simply offering experience! Look at schemes where people can develop their skills.”

“To help inform future commissioning options”

“Take information about young peoples outcomes website back to learn and investigate resources.”

“A need to focus on employment/education/training more than ever due to welfare reform.”

“Young peoples housing charter. Focus on supporting young people to access employment/ work experience/ apprenticeships to reduce homelessness and support when in tenancy.”


 What would you change or add, to improve the event?

“Professional speakers to be more aware of their audience and have their presentations ‘Youth Proofed’ before presenting.”

“Perhaps have a shorter event”

“Give slide handouts”

“More young person led, less facts/figures to try keep young people interested.”

“I didn’t have much opportunity to talk to the young people- I think at least one shared discussion with both professionals/YP would have been better. Nhas presentation needed to be more interactive, or someone needed to focus audience. Was the day too long for YP?”

“ Some of the young people were bored during the presentations and quite distracting so perhaps when it includes young people, less of the presentations and more participative stuff.”

“Ensure the presentations are relevant to whole group as Nhas was not relevant to young people”

“An opportunity for young people attending to speak to workers. Workers could inform the room of their areas of knowledge, and young people could speak to them about those areas if they wished.”

“More social housing providers, private landlords at events like this.”

“More opportunity to engage with young people and be able to ask them about the barriers in applying for jobs and to tell them more about jobs in the housing sector.”

“Table layout. Should ideally be circular tables. Group discussions did not work well in room layout.”

 Is there anything else you would like to add? 


“Would like contact list of all services and organisations taking park.”


“Useful to find out more about YHNE and Centrepoint”


“We need some targeted work in Northumberland. Presentation from Nhas a bit late in the day, a somewhat flat delivery. A well arranged event.”


“Many thanks for organising this event. I very much enjoyed the activities and hearing views from both colleagues and young people who face the relevant issues.”


“Fantastic activities to get people engaged”


“The room was not particularly good for seeing the presentations. We need to make sure the advice is correct i.e. DHP is exhaustible and the shelter presentation seemed to offer this as an option. Really hard to organise a day with diverse audience/needs.- Well done on the organisation.”


“Very Basic”


“Would be good to have all presentations be broken up by a range of activities.”


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