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Times are hard because the country is in the process of recovering from recession and austerity measures have taken their toll. At times of economic stress it is often the most vulnerable who are blamed for contributing to the problem, as they are seen as a draw on the nations resources, but also as not willing to contribute to society at large. The Home and a Job projects set out to understand what these changes have meant to the lives of young people affected by homelessness and to challenge homeless stereotypes.

‘Home and a Job’ has tried to put young people at the centre through combining participatory research and an arts project. We wanted to find out from young people about how their lives have been affected in a recovering Britain. 28 young people took part in the research from across the region, aged 16 – 25 years old, who were living in a range of accommodation with varying degrees of support, including two young people living at home and planning to move to independence.

The findings of the research together with the experiences expressed through art and poetry demonstrate the difficulties young people affected by homelessness face in managing day to day and maintaining hope for the future. We believe that working together we can find solutions to some of these difficulties. Through presentations and activities young people from across the region address the following themes:

  • Money’s too tight to mention
  • A place to call ‘home’
  • We want a job
  • Relationships are important
  • Staying well: Body and mind

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