Move-on event, 3rd April 2012

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 Youth Homeless North East

Move-on Event

Tuesday 3rd April, 12.30pm – 4.00pm at County Hall Durham


This is the first of our quarterly themed events to be held this year. The event is focussed on ‘move-on’ and includes an interactive programme of presentations, discussion and activities

Young people from across the region will be participating in the event, feeding in their views and ideas to the discussion taking place.

The event will seek to address the following questions:

  1. What does ‘move on’ mean to you?
  2. What ‘move-on’ accommodation, support, advice and guidance do you currently offer?
  3. What gaps exist in ‘move-on’ provision in your areas?



National Youth Homeless Scheme

Move-on options for young people

Excellent local move on arrangements, including agreements with supported accommodation providers, and the provision of floating support, can do much to alleviate pressures on the whole pathway and provide real choices to meet the changing needs of young people as they go through this important point of their transition to adulthood.
There is a wide range of move on options for young people, including:

  • Returning home or to live with friends
  • Shared housing or lodgings in the private rented sector
  • A tenancy with an RSL or local authority
  • Accommodation linked to full-time study at university or college
  • Schemes which anticipate employment and economic independence


Local authorities and their partners have identified a range of creative approaches to enable young people to access the local housing markets when they are ready to live independently.


Hallmarks of effective move on options are:

  • A range of options, which reflect the differing needs and aspirations of young people
  • Availability of floating support for young people after leaving supported accommodation
  • Social and private housing stock which meets minimum standards – benchmarks such as the Decent Homes Standard are supported by the local authority and partners in all sectors
  • Issues about the location and safety of the accommodation are considered
  • Affordability issues are considered and help offered to maximise income, overcome the barriers to affordable housing for young people and facilitate savings for future housing needs
  • A range of stakeholders are involved with planning, developing and managing this part of the accommodation pathway for young people
  • A strategic approach is used, through local homelessness strategies, Supporting People plans and the working groups which oversee implementation of these
  • Support staff who are well-informed about the wide range of options available to young people and information, practical advice and support is provided through a pathway planning approach to support young people in developing their individual abilities and interests.








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