YHNE launches a new pioneering project against youth loneliness

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Youth Homeless North East (YHNE) has launched ‘About the Space‘. A new pioneering project to tackle youth loneliness in the North East. The program is in partnership with the Co-Foundation. It will be running during the next three months.

‘About the Space’ will give young people collaborative spaces to work together and build new relationships. Their work will be essential to help others who suffer from isolation and loneliness. The project will take place in the YouthHub sessions that are currently celebrating in Newcastle and Middlesbrough.

Click here to see more about the space.

Pioneering idea in the Noth East

For the first time, this program offers young people have their own place and ideas to help others. Their ideas and experiences will be an essential resource base. These sources will help to assist those who experience loneliness.

Sharon Brown, Director of YHNE, said: ‘Many young people who experience homelessness suffer poor mental health related to feeling completely alone […] This project is a great opportunity for them to be able to help others who are struggling with the same problems’

Jim Cooke, Head of the Co-op Foundation added that ‘ having young people coming together is key to tackle youth loneliness. We look forward to seeing the impact this funding has tackling youth loneliness across England.”

Blogging to help others

As new part of this new format, young people will have a weekly blog at YHNE’s website. There, they will write their work and ideas after the Youthubs. Every post will send key messages and guidelines to help others worried of isolation. The blog will include some audio-visual content of their journey. Finally, they will present their key findings in a event that will take place at the Tyneside Cinema on the 27th of March.

How can I take part?

Any young people who want to participate should contact YHNE on

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