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North East Migration Network Economic inclusion subgroup’s work on closing the Move On gap: Please join in this action between now and November 30th At yesterday’s meeting of the Economic Inclusion subgroup, agencies attending again gave several examples of recurring problems in registering new claims for those facing Move on which indicate non-compliance with DWP due process by staff at Job Centres. Steve Martin, External Relations Manager at DWP North East, has invited all agencies to maintain written records of such incidences during the next month, and send to him by November 30th. Steve will then go through the evidence with the JCP sub-regional managers for Tyne & Wear (& Northumberland) and for Durham & Tees Valley, Jon Clapham and Carol Danielle. We’d encourage everyone to do this – it offers us the real possibility of resolving the continuing and recurring issues identified in the move on gap and during a refugee’s engagement with JCP as a job seeker.

  1. Keeping written record of incidents (even if you eventually manage to resolve them)

If your agency plays a role in supporting new status refugees to register new claims at Job Centres, and/or helps refugees thereafter in their dealings with JCP (such as creating claimant commitments and with providing evidence of compliance with them), please could keep written records of the following:

  • instances where JCP staff tell someone they cannot register a claim or where benefits cannot start because::
  • they are told they must have a NINO first / can’t accept a temporary NINO
  • must wait until their asylum support is finished first
  • they don’t have a bank account for payments
  • they are refused interpreting services or aren’t offered interpreting when you consider they are needed and the client is vulnerable (at any stage of the customer journey – from registering claim to meetings with JCP adviser for claimant commitment compliance checks – and impact such as sanctioning)
  • problems in dealing with claims through the Call Centre
  • and other recurring issues you think need to be tackled

If your agency helps EEA migrants seeking to register claims at Job Centre offices, and at other points in the customer journey with JCP, and you see recurring issues happening – please gather written evidence of this too and send to Steve by 30th November.   It is important that everyone records details such as

  • date of incident
  • name of client
  • which job centre
  • staff name if known


  1. Keeping written record of challenges to decisions and response received (even if you managed to resolve the issue locally)

For each individual case where you think a decision by JCP staff was non-compliant, please continue to challenge them as you normally would during this period  – such as through local escalation route with the job centre itself. But please keep written evidence of whether a decision was challenged, by what route, and what response was received, so that Steve and colleagues can check how effective local escalation routes are.     Please send you evidence to Steve Martin by 30th November to STEVE.MARTIN3@DWP.GSI.GOV.UK or by post to Steven Martin, External Relations Manager, Department for Work and Pensions, Jobcentre Plus, North East England, Cathedral Square, Moseley Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1EE Telephone 0191 215 2041.

  1. HMRC It would be very useful if, during this same period, you could also keep written records of problems with tax credits and HMRC related issues that you consider to be recurring issues. We will be contacting the HMRC to invite them to the next meeting of the subgroup in January (date to be confirmed).. Having a clear evidence base will provide strong leverage.


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