As part of our projects to help young people, we are currently working in partnership with the following organisations to raise awareness of the issues that young homeless people are facing across the region:


Image logo Community Campus

Community Campus is a community based social enterprise working across the North East. Their mission is to provide affordable housing and support as well as training opportunities across the Teeside area to over 200 people each week. 



Image logo Thirteen Managing and building homes

Thirteen provides customers with homes, support, and opportunities to grow. Their main aim is to provide good quality homes and support for those in housing need. They also help with getting the housing ladder, paying the rent, and keeping their customers’ homes in good repair. 





Image logo The Junction The Junction Foundation is a local charity which aims is to make a difference to the lives of children and young people. They work with young people to empower them to deal with the challenges they might face and complex needs to achieve stabilisation and enabling them to begin to build a foundation to move on from. 




Logo YMCA CharityYMCA is a charity that provides safe accommodation for young people in England and Wales. They also help young people by giving them the information and the encourage to gain confidence to make decisions about their own lives and provide them with an environment in which they can flourish. 



Image logo Sanctuary Supported Living Charity

Sanctuary Supported Living supports young people on their pathways to independence. They provide quality support and housing by giving people the confidence, self-esteem and life skills they need to live independently whether it is their first time or following a significant change in circumstances. 



Logo Coatham HouseCoatham House is a local charity that gives housing advice and support services to promote independent living skills for young people in the Redcar and Cleveland area. They focus on three main services to help young people: Supported Accommodation, Stepping Stones, and Outreach/Resettlement. 



Logo Charity Investing in ChildrenInvesting in Children is a charity placed in Durham that focuses on helping young people in the area. The organisation offers a range of training courses which aim to improve children and young people’s continuous professional development. 




Logo Charity Moving on Durham

Moving on Durham works alongside young homeless people to help them to rebuild their lives with a new home and a ‘fresh start’ by giving young vulnerable people a strength-based practise programme and confidence for young people to live sustainably and independently. 




Logo Charity Berwick Youth Project

Berwick Youth Project is a registered charity that looks to help every young person in Berwick area. They support young people with their concerns and challenges to get help and support in the local area. 



Logo Places for People

Places for People’s mission is to build sustainable communities for everyone whatever their background and their needs. Places for People takes a commercial approach to deliver social outcomes. All of their profit goes back into their work helping people to achieve their aspirations and making places work. 


Logo Newcastle City Council

Newcastle City Council is the most important governmental authority in in Newcastle. They provide citizens with a wide range of services including housing and support, health and wellbeing, and business. 


Logo Phoenix Detached Youth ProjectThe Phoenix Detached Youth Project works with hundreds of young people every year to make a real difference to the lives of people of all ages throughout the local community services. 



Logo Centre Point Centre Point offers young people the possibility to change their lives. They provide young people with accommodation services and a place where they can live independently. Centre Point also conducts several programs about health and learning skills for many young vulnerable adults to get the confidence and the skills they need. 


Homes Group Logo

Homes Group supports a new generation of homeowners to give them the opportunity to have the house of their dreams. They have committed to build over 10,000 houses affordable for those in need. 




Logo Oasis Aquila Housing


Oasis Aquila Housing believes that anyone’s life can be transformed however dark things may seem. The charity helps homeless people and bring they hope and a future. They also conduct several projects in prevention and intervention to address the immediate needs and root causes of homelessness. 



Logo Changing Lives Charity

Changing Lives works with people who are in crisis or who need support to overcome serious challenges that can limit their fulfilling life. They help those in need by developing the skills and self-belief they need to move past bad experiences and have a better life. 


Logo Your Homes Newcastle Your Homes Newcastle is responsible for managing council homes on behalf of Newcastle City Council. They improve houses in order to meet the Government’s Decent Homes standards and to provide a range of support services for Newcastle City Council. 


DePaul UK is a national charity that helps everyone to give homeless people a better life. Their mission is to end homelessness and change the lives of those affected by it. 




Roots and Wings is a design company that works to make a positive impact the communities by supporting those organisations that stand for those values. Roots and Wings helps YHNE creating the artwork and designs for our projects to help young homeless people. 




Logo Healthwatch Darlington

Healthwatch Darlington helps citizens and families from Darlington to pay their services and improve the services within the area by responding to the experiences and views of the general public. 



Logo Youth Focus Charity

Youth Focus North East supports a network of over 15000 organisations and individuals to improve the lives of young people across the North East. The charity develops quality services with young people to address big issues in their life and create a place for them to explore different ideas and issues. 



Logo Youth NewcastleNewcastle Youth is a local charity in the North East leading youth development charity’s supporting young people in the region. The organisation makes sure all young people have the opportunities they deserve to get involve in their community and achieve their potential. 



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