Justlife – Lifting the Lid on Homelessness

Justlife have launched their latest report, ‘Lifting the Lid on Hidden Homelessness: A New Analysis’, which presents the latest findings of ongoing research in this area but critically on the massive failure of the homeless system to account for the number of people living in unsupported temporary accommodation.

Research conducted by Justlife in the last 12 months reveals that over 51,500 individuals and families are living in B&B in England and we know that there are many, many more in other types of UTA. This is in contrast to the government figures which, at the time of our research, recorded only 5870. Manchester Evening News Reporter Jen Williams suggests that these people have been ‘Edited Out’ of the homelessness narrative. The problem is that when people are hidden, even from government statistics, it is as if they do not exist, their voice is not heard, their needs are not met and they become stuck in some of the darkest corners of Englands private housing market – some for the rest of their shortened lives.

Read the full report here

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