Youth Voice Journal Special Issue: Sexual Orientation and Young People

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Youth Voice Journal have launched a Special Issue, with Special Guest editor is Dr Jason Schaub from Birmingham University, titled Sexual Orientation and Young People. This release highlights the journey that young people face while dealing with LGBT+ issues.

While the treatment of LGBT+ communities world wide is improving, there is a hidden struggle within the community that is often looked over. The  challenges of  gay, lesbian and trans young people are often considered ‘phases’ and brushed away with little regard to the young persons mental and emotional well being. Despite a general acceptance of the wider LGBT+ community, a lack of attention to the challenges that young people face reinforce the heternormative values entrenched in societies world wide.

The articles written by Nina Perger, James Alexander and a piece by Jonah De Chants, Heather Kennedy, Yoli Anyon, uncover issues of LGBT+ identity among young people and the discriminative struggles they face, not just among their peers, but in society as a whole.

The Youth Voice Journal provides a platform that allows academics and young people to publish their research on a peer-reviewed platform in the hopes that this collection of evidence-based research changes the way we view matters that affect us all.

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