Top 5 ways to beat loneliness

Loneliness is nothing new. Adults and young people feel alone constantly. Although we are with friends, family, and classmates, we still feel lonely.

Many people go on the internet to connect with others and to not feel alone. Others have thousands or even millions of followers on social media. They show and share their successful daily life. However, many of them still feel lonely.

Not taking seriously this problem could be just the beginning of the damage that loneliness can cause.  When feeling isolated our system suppresses the immune system. These changes put our bodies at risk of having diseases and illness as well as affect our mental health.

According to the European Society of Cardiology, lonely people are twice as likely to die from heart problems. A report from the BBC revealed that 10% of the young people between 16-24 years old in the UK feel alone.

Experts advice that ignoring the problem is not a solution for those people who feel lonely. The following five tips show different ways to help you to tackle this issue:

1. Think about what makes you feel loneliness

Loneliness is different for everyone. Therefore, it is very important start thinking about those things that might cause you feel lonely. Knowing yourself and your own problems is the first step to feel better and help others

2. Meet new people

Chatting and getting to know new people can be a very useful way to stop feeling alone. Looking for activities or groups that might interest you could be a great place to start.

At YHNE we are conducting our program ‘About the Space’ to help young people between 25-14 years old in the North East. During our weekly YouthHubs they meet and work together to create their own space where they don’t feel alone anymore.

Youth Hub is also a great opportunity for young people to get to know new people and help others who feel lonely.

3. Open up

Speaking openly about our loneliness can be very difficult, especially with close people to you. Talking to your family, friends, and supporters could help you to feel better and to be listened.  

4. Take it slow

Being around of strangers or taking to someone about your feelings could take a long time. It is recommended to start little by little. For example, if you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone during a section, listen first to their stories.

Doing activities in places where you feel comfortable with. It could also be a good way to help you to be opened with the rest.

5. Be careful when comparing with others

Especially when you feel lonely, it is very hard stopping comparing to others. However, you need to be aware that things are not always as they look from outside. Everyone person has a different story and reasons to feel lonely. Listening and understanding others is the best way to help each other.

To learn more about how you can fight against isolation check out Baya Voce’s speech about curing loneliness:

This article been written including information from the BBC, The Independent,, and

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