Regional Youth Housing Strategy

‘Until we have youth housing strategies, as opposed to youth homelessness strategies, we will never actually plan for young people’s housing transition and their housing needs, and will always be adopting a deficit model around homelessness.’

The strategy is based on the premise that;

‘If we only provide homeless services to young people, we’ll only get homeless young people.’  Specialist Youth Advisor, working with the Department for Communities and Local Government at Youth Homeless NE Move-on event, 3rd April 2012.

We have therefore produced not a homeless strategy but rather a Regional Youth Housing Strategy that sets out our plans to address young peoples’ housing needs through a coherent regional approach.

The strategy provides a regional context, policy framework and a current picture of youth homelessness.   It establishes a regional strategic approach and a clear set of actions to delivering those themes across the North East.

Regional Youth Housing Strategy 2013 – 2014

At our ‘Strategy for Change’ event in December 2012 we asked our members to review the strategy in order to ensure the priorities and actions were up to date and reflect the current needs of young people experiencing homelessness and those at risk of homelessness.


1. Improve the quality and range of temporary and supported accommodation.

  • All young people have access to good quality accommodation and support.
  • Young people inform the provision of accommodation and support.

2. To increase early intervention work in schools and with families.  A positive family environment is the best place for young people.

  • To support service providers to identify young people at risk of homelessness early and reduce the likelihood of homelessness.

3. To support member organisations to ensure sustainability and growth of the sector in order to address youth homelessness.

  • To share approaches and collaboration in order to provide services; working with local authorities, service providers and young people.

4. To improve the likelihood of young people leading fulfilling lives as contributing members of the community.

  • To explore local and regional models that support successful transitions to adulthood.

5. To ensure all services are accountable to the young people they serve.

  • To ensure young people have a voice and are listened to by policy makers, commissioners, service developers and providers in responding to the needs of homeless young people.
  • To ensure providers take into account the views of young people in addressing homeless young people’s needs.

6. To lobby policy makers and commissioners in order to prevent, tackle and resolve youth homelessness in the North East.

  • To provide an independent voice to campaign and lobby on issues that impact upon homeless young people and those at risk of homelessness.

To read the full strategy click here: Youth Housing Strategy 2013-2014

To read the action plan go to: Action Plan

At present local authorities are reviewing and updating their youth/homeless strategies.  It is our intention to post contributing action to the Regional Youth Housing Strategy on this site once they become available.


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