YHNE Young People of the North

YHNE Young People of the North

Youth Homeless North East pride ourselves on championing young people and placing their voices and needs at the heart of everything we do. In celebration of reaching our 8th year, we want to showcase some of the young people who have worked with us at our events and Youth Hubs.

Each young person involved in the campaign has worked with us to help forward the voice of homeless young people like themselves throuhought the North East region. To closer portray them as individuals just like anyone else, they have decided to give us a glimps at their lives and tell us a little bit more about themselves.

I am 23 and enjoy going to the gym and being with my friends, my favourite music to listen to is Grime and I would really like to visit Hawaii someday. My moto in life is ‘Always keep smiling’ and my photo represents this.

Have you ever heard the saying ‘Never Judge a Book by its Cover?’, well that’s what people are good at. Society is to quick to make judgements because its easier than finding out about who someone really is, everyone has problems no matter how big or small.

I enjoy making people happy, I want to feel like I am helping to make a difference to create a better future for young people.


Hi, I am 18 and I see myself as quite a positive person. I like to live by the saying ‘Treat others as you would like to be treated’.

I am a confident and bubbly person and I always try to keep a smile on my face. I like to give compliments to people and I take pleasure from making other people happy, this might be why my favourite colour is yellow cause it’s a happy colour.

I really like to sing and my ambition is to become a nurse so don’t be surprised if your in hospital one day and I start singing as I take your blood pressure

Live day by day, that’s what I think because you never know what is around the corner. I am 20 and I am focusing on making a better future for myself and moving on from the hostel. Its hard living there because I feel like I’m always judged by people and its hard because its to easy to be dragged into criminal activity with the other residents.

I like doing physical things like going to the gym and playing sports as it helps to keep my mind focused. I would really like to do a physical job like construction or something, anything hands on.

I enjoy socialising and meeting people, I like to get to know people and find out things about them. One of the dreams I have is that I would really like to visit Australia someday.


“I love my flat cause its mine, its home init”

I am 19 and I have recently moved into my own flat after living in a hostel, I found it hard at first because it was very quiet, there wasn’t the same social scene as in the hostel. My favourite music is Grime and I like to ‘get the tunes on’ in my flat.

I like to keep busy, that’s why I enjoy keeping fit especially boxing. I want to work with mechanics, its hands on and I love the cars. A dream I have is to go to Thailand and Japan one day to see the JDM cars.

People go through bumps in life don’t they, that’s why I think we should just live in the moment because bad things can’t last forever.

I am 19 and I am currently living in a hostel, which is embarrassing to tell people really because they then think you’re a bad person. I want to get a job and move out, I want to live on my own. I want to help make a difference, like for people in the same situation as me.

I enjoy playing football but to be honest I like watching it more, I also like watching boxing and UFC. I like just chilling with my pals and listening to Grime.

One of my biggest goals at the moment is to stop smoking, but a big goal is to hopefully go to America someday.


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  1. Absolutely class. I love this. You’re all super important people.

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